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FragZone Servers Rules

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First of all players need to respect each others and play fair and beside that must obey all the rules.

  1. Be respectful to all players, admins, and members.
  2. Last Stand, Grenade Launcher, Martyrdom, RPG, and Juggernaut are not allowed (Heli RPG only)!
  3. Always Listen to higher rank admins!
  4. Advertising for servers or recruiting for clans is not allowed!
  5. Don't insult any player and play fair!
  6. Answer to admin, if an admin asks you a question DO NOT ignore him!
  7. Any sort of hacking, cheating, or scripting will result in a Permanent Ban, Be Careful!
  8. No Elevators are allowed in our servers!

Note: Breaking one of the above rule will be result in a kick, warn, temp-ban and after that perm-ban.

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