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  1. Real name: Hassan Haseen Age: 18 Location: Pakistan Please mention your GameRanger #ID IN Numbers: 6041236 Game Information: In-Game Nickname: MAGNUM |PAK| COD4 Experience (Years,best killstreak)? 4 YEARS Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No)? YES Are you used to play clan wars? + mention if you are hardcore or promod player? YES..i am both HC player + promod player Can you record ss and demo in clan wars? + Can you play hardcore cw?(yes/no) YES How many hours can you be online daily? 2-3Hours Personal Information: Why do you want to join |F|z|? BECAUSE I LOVE THIS CLAN... <3 What new things can you bring to our clan? I WILL MAKE THIS CLAN EVEN BETTER Previous clans and reason for leaving? P.K` was my previous clan.. i left beacuse it was ruined and the admin didnot respect the players...admins abused players... Do you have TeamSpeak3 and a microphone? Yes Do you have Fraps? Yes Can you donate for the clan? No
  2. i want to join FZ