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  1. nobody u bought it from a hacker na this account belong to magic and was hacked
  2. i was asked by slider to apply for promotion
  3. y bro i was at market my brother told me was at restaurant so put the post i was not on gr my little brother was playing
  4. As @sL!der got a silver for fz snd i would like to give my silver for some other server dont need it really and i would love to get many silver servers on gr of fz guys u want silver i can donate now.I would love to give silver slider asked me but i asked him for some time to think about it so i changed my mind now u can take it guys @[email protected]@MHJ Regards |F|z|[email protected]!33D<3
  5. i have a bit of experience making a clan so good and i will try to make fz best so kindly do what u want
  6. i want to be co leader bcz i think i can do better to clan
  7. Real name:waleed riaz Age:19 Location:Pakistan Please mention your GameRanger #ID IN Numbers: hacker<silver account> In-Game Nickname:[email protected]!33D<3 COD4 Experience (Years,best killstreak)?7 years almost and highest kiillstreak in snd is 8 Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No)?no Are you used to play clan wars? + mention if you are hardcore or promod player?Yes i am promod and hc both player so and always love to play cws Can you record ss and demo in clan wars? + Can you play hardcore cw?(yes/no) yes How many hours can you be online daily:about man 2-3 hours Why do you want to join |F|z|? I love |F|z| bcz its an old and pro clan so would love to join fz What new things can you bring to our clan? u can ask and i can try my best Previous clans and reason for leaving? pk bcz i started it and pk gone mad started hacking to win cws and fought with other owners to stop hacks but they dont want so i left Do you have TeamSpeak3 and a microphone? Yes Do you have Fraps? Yes Can you donate for the clan? a student
  8. i m playing from 7 years guys i recently started pk now known as ssg but left it bcz the other owners were hackers so i said bye bye to pk.i have been in many clans like xG,inF,EZ,EK etc and many more.