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  1. ok ty for donating i will txt u in gr
  2. u need to be active to be a coleader and obey the rules rule num4 says Do not ask for promotion. stay active in servers and teamspeak we will contact u if we see that you are helpfull for clan.
  3. beside dat he is not accepted where ever u find him ban him pls forget about plying cod4 in gr till im here
  4. MM good
  5. good to hear dat hope find a silver acc for dat
  6. admin power bro
  7. hi m8 thanks for choosing fragzone glad to have u in ts and our servers
  8. First of all players need to respect each others and play fair and beside that must obey all the rules. Be respectful to all players, admins, and members. Last Stand, Grenade Launcher, Martyrdom, RPG, and Juggernaut are not allowed (Heli RPG only)! Always Listen to higher rank admins! Advertising for servers or recruiting for clans is not allowed! Don't insult any player and play fair! Answer to admin, if an admin asks you a question DO NOT ignore him! Any sort of hacking, cheating, or scripting will result in a Permanent Ban, Be Careful! No Elevators are allowed in our servers! Note: Breaking one of the above rule will be result in a kick, warn, temp-ban and after that perm-ban.
  9. You have to be 18 years old or over + you like the clan and not just joining for admin powers. You can speak and understand English. You are a regular player on our server + you must be able to play hardcore. You have a microphone/headset and willing to use/install TeamSpeak on your computer. You respect founder,leader,senior admins,admins,other members and players in servers. You respect admins for any choice they make. You don't use insulting names, language, etc, otherwise you can be kicked from clan and permbanned from servers. You will act mature in every situation. You should visit the site on a regular base+Register yourself in site, for keeping up-to-date with the community. You need to be active for at least 1-2 hours a day. and beside obey the rules you need to answer all questions below in new topic in apply now section (which link is available at the end of this topic) the questions are: Real name: Age: Location: Please mention your GameRanger #ID IN Numbers: Game Information: In-Game Nickname: COD4 Experience (Years,best killstreak)? Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No)? Are you used to play clan wars? + mention if you are hardcore or promod player? Can you record ss and demo in clan wars? + Can you play hardcore cw?(yes/no) How many hours can you be online daily? Personal Information: Why do you want to join |F|z|? What new things can you bring to our clan? Previous clans and reason for leaving? Do you have TeamSpeak3 and a microphone? Do you have Fraps? Can you donate for the clan?
  10. k m8 be active in our servers and ts we will test u
  11. hi m8 need need to say real name and nationality
  12. Clan Rules RESPECT all players in servers and ranked members and obey them. All members /ranked members must have MOSS and teamspeak. Each clanwar at least must have 1 leader, co-leader, owner or cw manager. Do not ask for promotion. stay active in servers and teamspeak we will contact u if we see that you are helpfull for clan. For ban any player you have to spec him at least for 2 min and its better to have ss or demo. Clan members just need to report any unprofessional behave to leaders. Only clan owner or leader can warn or kick other members.