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  1. Age19 Location?:Iran GR ID?:7870687 Game information?:sniping In-game nickname?:EMS ❤️ COD4 Experiance(Years,best killstreak)?: 2years,36 Do you have an orginal CD-key(YesNo)?:Yes Are you used to play clan wars+Mention if you are hardcore or promod pleyer?:Yes Can you record ss and demo in clan wars+Can you play hardcore cw(YesNo)?:Yes How many hours can you be online daily?:45 Personal information?:Iam from Iran and iam 19 Why do you wana join Fz?:caus its an old good clan. What new things can you bring to our clan?:good players previous clans and reason for leaving?:kz and c` was closed and cG was bad server Do you have teamspeak and microphone?:Yes Can you donat for clan?:No
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