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  1. i want 40admin on snd fz if u cant give me a mbmer
  2. now ? ok ok ty
  3. im active all the time in web and here >.> u know that i join every 2 hours @SLID3R + ty
  4. @SLID3R @FuRiOuS ok if u cant give anthor chance reject me the life still on
  5. @FuRiOuS man owner said wait till i test u ? cant u wait ?
  6. u didnt !!! it was 7for me 6 for u loool @SLID3R ok owner he said he will test me and we will see if he is gonna accsept me or not !! just wait till he join
  7. =_= ok if u say that its ok but i m bad at snd 11vs11 bcz cw*s isnt 10v10 to know ... so if u can win me 3v3 or 1v1 i ill be the noobest one in the life @SLID3R
  8. nice sniper will be good and promod maybe
  9. he is robot or some things care guys 😂😂
  10. win 7 lol u r too old man @[email protected]@[email protected]!+ yes i saw him so much in nk server and he puts the tag
  11. @SLID3R stop giving them the chance he will test them any way
  12. ur picture only is pretty good how u then
  13. @FuRiOuS sure i m all time online here and can u test me now or ?
  14. Real name: Mohammad Age: 18 Location: kingdom of saudi arabi Please mention your GameRanger #ID IN Numbers: 7880252 Game Information: WhiteShadow In-Game Nickname: WhiteShadow COD4 Experience (Years,best killstreak)? 8years Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No)? no Are you used to play clan wars? + mention if you are hardcore or promod player? Hc and yes Can you record ss and demo in clan wars? + Can you play hardcore cw?(yes/no) Yes How many hours can you be online daily? 6-8 Personal Information: Im from ksa and im 18 years old Why do you want to join |F|z|? Cause its from the old clans and i dont like new clans What new things can you bring to our clan? I can create a mod for u Previous clans and reason for leaving dont have Do you have TeamSpeak3 and a microphone? Yes Do you have Fraps?yes Can you donate for the clan? maybe