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  1. Not accepted!!! am closing this topic no more shit he can't join our clan.
  2. mate i want to see the real work for this clan sorry
  3. see u reply on this comment so late how i can make u?
  4. i would make u but i must need to see u active in everything like to make servers full or in site etc just see ur site stats post count is only 7.
  5. please write some details
  6. okay
  7. @CyBorg i really dont know u have i ever talk with u :D?
  8. joining cuz of me o.O?
  9. ye trying to manage money for silver
  10. Good News for Everyone Our server |F|z| Zombies is now online on GameRanger but its name changed to :|F|z|:Infected Ip : Hope Everyone enjoy playing in it
  11. i don't think we need such a group bro
  12. mate please read this first
  13. @Explosive add me in gameranger
  14. Hello Everyone, Our Clan war server is up running , there we will play clan wars Clan War Server IP :;password fzcwcw Slots : 64 Location : France
  15. ok just tell him to be active in site and in ts.