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  1. Okay mate your test will be taken by @MHJ or @SLID3R
  2. wait for the MHJ or Slider to test you
  3. Please do not ask for adminship.
  4. @WhiteShadow you will be again tested by MHJ and slider will be there as well.
  5. This is not a place to apply for adminship sorry
  6. @SLID3R he is rejected right? so i can close this topic
  7. r u a kid ???
  8. Hi bro Enjoy your stay in our servers.
  9. @MHJ test him as soon as possible
  10. hahahah everyone loves this server
  11. EMS add me in gameranger and contact me when i come online on gameranger so i can test you.
  12. Good News! New Call of duty 4 servers are now up running! Sniper Only Server IP : Slots : 25 Location : France Zombies Warfare Server IP : Slots : 24 Location: France Promod Live 2.16 Server IP : Slots : 26 Location : France
  13. Real name: Vodka#FTW real name ???
  14. Nobody you are in clan now please be active at our website.
  15. LOL gay's love